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About Tender

Tender is a thoughtful podcast series about what happens when women leave abusive relationships. It follows one woman’s story as she slowly—but surely—gets to know herself again.

Tender is written, produced and hosted by Madison Griffiths, a writer, artist and poet whose work has been published in VICE, SBS, Overland, Daily Life, Meanjin, Kill Your Darling and more. She is also an online editor at literary youth journal, Voiceworks and the co-host (alongside comedian Lucinda Price) of pedestrian.tv’s mental health podcast, No Chill. Her work revolves predominantly around issues concerning women, mental illness, and race.

“Tender isn’t just a timely and important story of abusive relationships, but a rare and necessary deep-dive into what happens in the aftermath. Madison reminds us recovery is a process and ongoing story - not just a simple ending - and offers the kind of deep, robust investigation at the heart of the best memoirs.”
— Benjamin Law, Frankie Good Stuff Awards Judge